June 26th, 2008

New England Browncoats in action at CSTS Boston

Aye, that's us singing Happy Birthday to Joss, opening an outdoor Mudders' Tavern, holding trivia contests and raffles, marching with the 76th, raising over $3,000 (as of latest tally) for Equality Now and collecting almost a ton of goods for the Greater Boston Food Bank!

Our two-night event was a qualified hit, with over 200 warm bodies attending on Friday night and close to 400 on Saturday (as, hopefully, you can see in the block-and-a-half-long line of ticket holders on Sat.) We raffled off all manner o' proppy goods, from bank-heist money used in the movie to Buffy comics to the grand prize - the flight suit worn by the Alliance pilot Mal shoots in the BDM. There were some mighty lucky folk in that crowd on Sat. night. See how much wacky fun you're in for if you come to CSTS Boston next year? ;)

Aaaaand, if you didn't see this intro film at your CSTS viewing: here's the NEBC-localised version. Here's our Captain (a.k.a. me) giving you all the shiny on Equality Now and our involvement with it.

The globalised version was a joint effort by us and the Aussie Browncoats, who managed to rope none other than Big Nate himself into their segment - so if you've been to a CSTS event, it's quite possible you've already heard all the lovely shininess and the big damn thank you from Nathan and me. (I posted a comment on his Myspace the other day saying it was a pleasure serving with him. ;)) If you haven't been to a CSTS showing yet, have an awesome time! And I have but one other thing to say:

No power
in the 'verse
STOP US!!!!!