July 21st, 2008



When two of my addictions overlap - beware. *grin*

Okay, some of you may recall that I did an interview with haldira on Joss'd about Firefly tea. It was fun! She asked me if I had considered making character teas and I said I would think about it.

Since then, Adagio Teas helped out with CSTS by making some blends to raffle. So, I was finally moved to go ahead and make those requested teas!

They are not yet all made, there are three whose blends escape me at the moment as they prove to be rather tricky to fabricate what I am looking for. (Those are Jayne, River and Yo-Saf-Bridge). But there are others ready and willing to be quaffed!!

Here is the list:

Nandi: Passionfruit and Peaches (black tea)
Kaylee: Vanilla and Wild Strawberries (rooibos - caffeine free!)
Simon: Irish Breakfast, currants and berries (black tea)
Shepard Book: Vanilla oolong, rooibos, gunpowder green (mix blend)
Zoe: kukicha green, cherries and other fruits, gunpowder (green tea)
Badger: earl grey, rum flavored black and apples (black tea)
Wash: Valentines (chocolate and strawberries), tropical fruit, coconut (black tea)

They all have some arty labels I whipped up(without character faces, yet, but still pretty groovy I think)! You can find them at Adagio's Signature Blend section under S for Serenitea. Or, on the 'by creator' page under Tanya Laird.

I have ordered a few already and am looking forward to testing them out. I did as much homeblending as I could, but your opinion on them will greatly help! If we can get some smashing good blends then Adagio (who has offered to add them to the following site) will not have to alter them much or at all when they add them to the Firefly/Equality Now Charity Page!

(For those who are thinking about the donation aspect, I will be using bonus points that I earn to obtain free tins of the teas which then can be sold at cons or whatnot to earn money to go toward charities! I plan to make this all work out in the was one way or another!)

ALSO: I would like to note that fellow Browncoats have been adding in their two leaves worth! (huzzah!) Please, also check out:

Dr. Horrible's Tea of Evil!
Fruity Oaty Bar!
Beth's Buffy Blend! (okay this one is also mine (and not Firefly related, but still JOSS related, AND it is bloody good!)

haldira has also put together quite a lot of teas, her Brutaliteas in particular are quite yummy and popular. So, HERE is the big ol' list of her teas!

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