July 25th, 2008

CSTS UK London Screening *NEW UPDATE*

Tickets are now on sale at: www.cstslondon.com/tickets.htm! :D

**CSTS UK London Screening *NEW UPDATE*

*New update* Ok, the website is now up: www.cstslondon.com!  Please do keep an eye on it for any future developments: tickets aren't on sale till Wednesday 13 August, but I will be adding pages for raffle and merchandise over the weekend. :D**

**CSTS UK London Screening *UPDATE*

*Further update* I've just heard back from the venue and there's been a problem with my booking for Sat 27 Sept. so they've moved me to Sat 20 Sept. instead - meaning my confirmed date for the screening is now Saturday 20 September! Sorry about this everyone, I hope to have things finalised very shortly...!!**

** CSTS UK London Screening - Saturday 27 September

Well, we've decided to go with Sat 27 Sept. as the confirmed date for the London screening (apologies to anyone who can't make this date). I'm just finalising a few details, but the website should be up shortly...watch this space!! *g* **

Sereniteas (the whole crew)

My apologies since this is a bit of a repeat. This is a follow-up to the post I made about my Sereniteas. All the teas are now done (Jayne won't be available until early August because one of the component teas won't be ready until then). So, for convenience I will post the complete list of offerings here instead of trying to retroactively insert them in the previous post :)


Ariel: snowbud, white pear, white tangerine (white tea)
Badger: earl grey, rum, apples (black tea)
Firefly: gunpowder, mandarin orange green, wild strawberries (green tea)
Jayne: assam, chestnut, lapsang souchong (black tea)
Inara: chocolate, strawberries, passionfruit, spearmint (black tea)
Kaylee: vanilla rooibos, wild strawberries (rooibos - caffeine free)
Mal: gunpowder, mandarin orange green (green tea)
Miranda: lemongrass, rooibos orange, chamomile (tisane - caffeine free)
Nandi: passionfruit, peaches, ginger (black tea)
Persephone: masala chai (spices), mambo (two black teas), blood oranges (black tea)
River: almond, mambo, caramel (black tea)
Shepherd Book: vanilla oolong, almong oolong, gunpowder (oolong tea)
Simon: irish breakfast, currants and berries (black tea)
Wash: coconuts, pineapples and tropical fruits, strawberries and chocolate (black tea)
YoSaffBridge: white pear, raspberries, cranberries, chamomile (white tea - low caffeine)
Zoe: kukicha, cherries and other fruits, gunpower (green tea)

These teas are available here. Mal and Inara are available here. Eventually they will be all in one place...but Rome wasn't built in a day, ya know *grin*.

Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic interest in this project!! You guys are THE BEST(tm) and I am very proud to call myself a Browncoat, it puts me in the best company!

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