September 3rd, 2008

Firefly Trailer, final version

well i've already uploaded the new version to youtube long time ago, but forgot to put a link here.
anyway here it is:

Title: Firefly Trailer (Better than Fox's)
Edited By: Fearlessvenom
Music: Future World Music - "Agressive Interventions"
Beautiful Mind Soundtrack - "Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics"
Keane - "Bad Dream"
Fandom: Firefly
Information:Well anyone who's seen the firefly ads that fox made knows how it looked like they were trying to end the show before it even started.Here is my vesion of how they should have done it. Im hopefull its at least better than the ones from fox. but anyways im really proud of how it turned out, the best one i made since my House MD best momments.
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