October 3rd, 2008


Zoe firefly videos?

Hey all,

So my English honors seminar this semester is on Women Warriors. Great class, yes? We have a presentation due next month on a woman warrior we're not covering in class, so of course I picked the lovely Zoe. Can't get more woman or warrior than Zoe, really. 

I'm using a couple of essays from the Finding Serenity book-- "Thanks for the reenactment, sir" and, for an opposing argument, the bits out of the "I Want Your Sex" essay that deal with Zoe as subservient to Wash (a position that makes me want to hit something, because I think it's completely fallacious and based on the judicious cherry-picking of facts.)

Anyway-- out of the 15 people in the seminar, only 5 of them have ever seen the show.  I know those 5 will "get it" without me really having to say much at all, but I'm worried about the other 10. I'm looking, therefore, for a fanvid or similar that deals with Zoe in all of her different roles-- wife, woman, warrior.  Any suggestions on a good one to use? I want something pretty well-rounded-- not just Zoe with guns but Zoe being Zoe, if that makes sense.

Thanks, guys.

I have a terrible feeling this project is going to make me sad all over again, though.
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