October 12th, 2008


I wonder if anyone else noticed this. I've been watching the Alien movies lately, and there are a lot of similarities between things in these movies and some things in Firefly. Like the commercial ship in the first movie and the Alliance cruisers, and the phrase "building better worlds" (which is used in Aliens and Serenity). I think he got quite a few ideas from them.

And, of course, there's the fact Joss Whedon himself wrote the story for Alien: Resurrection.
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(Hey there - this is my first post. I'm hoping I haven't violated any rules, but if I have, feel free to correct me and I shall make changes where due.)

So, folks, guess what? My class's regular algebra teacher is on paternity leave, and we have a substitute teacher for the next six weeks or so.

A substitute teacher who went to high school with Adam Baldwin, and also had the glorious gift of being bullied by him in a very Jayne-like fashion throughout those years.

I'm not even kidding.

I'm thinkin' of asking whether Adam stuffed him into any trash cans. Any other requests/suggestions?