November 17th, 2008

Boldly- the fading light

Quick question about petitions

Just a real quick question. Considering how many people watch this community alone, I was wondering if anyone knows when the last time someone sent round a petition for the support of a network picking up Firefly again?

Statistics show that the "population" of the internet has increased more than double since 2000.* There's been a 206% increase in users over the last 8 years. I wouldn't be surprised if there's an extremely large group of Firefly fans who never thought to check the net in 2002, or didn't have access then but do now *coughlikemecough*

So, if anyone knows when the last petition went around, please let me know.

Because honest to God, it's like picking up the first half of a wonderful book and finding they never bothered to print the last half. So full of fail!

* Source here