December 2nd, 2008

hipster kitty

Attention Raleigh Browncoats!

THIS THURSDAY, December 4th, The Colony theater in Raleigh, NC, will be showing Serenity on the big screen. This is not a charity fund raiser, but rather a stress-free, shiny way to kick off the holiday season for old and new (but not limited to) browncoats. All are welcome to come!

An optional gift exchange will be held before the movie. If you'd like to participate, please bring a Firefly-related gift and be in the theater lobby at 6:30, then we'll move to a nearby location for the dinner. (Peking Garden in the same shopping center has been discussed, but it's not the official location yet.) We won't be having dinner elsewhere after all, so it'll be best to eat elsewhere before you arrive at the theater. We'll be holding the gift exchange in the lobby at 7:00, then watching the film at 8:00. (Sorry for any confusion. That's my fault.)

The Colony is a CASH ONLY establishment. They don't serve meals like the Raleighwood Cinema and Grill for CSTS, but they do have concessions that include frozen candy bars. (Mmm! Frozen Snickers!)

We hope to see lots of people there! :D