December 22nd, 2008

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Hi there, fellow Browncoats!

One of my final projects for school was to take a 2-minute clip of audio (monologue or dialogue) and animate type to go with it. Naturally, my first and only idea was to use something from Serenity.
Enjoy, and Happy Christmas/Hannukah/Festivus/New Year!


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Still Flying
A Firefly Roleplaying Game;;

Mal: We're still flyin'.
Simon: That's not much.
Mal: It's enough.

Life ain't easy in the black. You take the jobs you find and make as much money as you can. But, that don't always mean earning. Sometimes it means taking. But, that's what we gotta do to survive out here.

Set after the two-part episode "Serenity", Still Flying takes part in the Firefly 'verse. Everything is canon up until this point, but we will make the story our own.

Rules || Application || Taken Characters || Available Characters || Contact Information

Characters Needed & Wanted: Simon Tam, Badger, Niska, YoSaff Bridge, The Operative, Hands of Blue, etc.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail the mod at chiigusa [at] gmail [dot] com !
kiss today good-bye


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