January 4th, 2009


RP pimp post

Attention Firefly and Serenity fans!

If you're like most Browncoats, you've dreamed about traveling the stars on a trusty ship, avoiding the long arm of the Alliance or possibly being part of it, living from credit-to-credit and seeing the worlds.

Well, good news! If you can put together a coherent sentence or two, your dreams can come true! Visit Resmiranda, a new Firefly roleplaying site.

We're friendly, welcoming, and just a little absurd. From expert roleplayers to first-timers, all Browncoats welcome.
I love my capt

More! I need more!

Does anyone know if there are any good novels based on the series/movie? Its not that I am sick of watching the series, I just want more!!

I'm also new to livejournal and I'd love it if any of you would be my friend!

<3 Justkeepflying
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