January 11th, 2009

Pretty cunning Jayne

New Song from the Firefly Music Project: Ode to Vera

Yeah you read right, we finally can post a new song thanks to Ken Mars of the Terrifying Space Monkeys, who has been collaborating with us for some time now. Thanks again Ken!
More songs to come soon! Have fun listening!

You can find us at http://www.myspace.com/fireflyfilk

lyrics: Kessie & Ken of the Terrifying Space Monkeys
Keyboards: Jacen
All other instruments, sounds and leadvocals: Ken of the Terrifying Space Monkeys

Ode to Vera

I'd like to sing y'all a little story
about a special lady
And it would be that
I'd get the most poetic about my... gun

She..s so smooth in my hands
and has some mighty shiny curves
Makes her even more grand
than a simple mercenary deserves
What else could one desire?
Oh, of course, she can auto fire!
7 rounds a second!

My Vera Oh yeah My Vera Oh yeah
With such a big damn gun
you don..t never have to stand back

Don't never have cause to run
..Cause it..s a gorram matter of fact
I can depend on her.
With my life, I swear.
I'll take ..em down when I
get ..em in my crosshairs

My Vera Oh yeah My Vera Oh yeah

Well, she ain..t all prim and pretty
Not as far as I can tell
She can send the evil and gritty
to the depths of the very special hell
My love for her now ain't hard to explain
Cracked off 30 shots and
reloaded again dong ma?

My Vera Oh yeah My Vera Oh yeah

There never was a gun like my Vera
In this ..Verse, no better in this era
A gun will keep you safe
when a job goes south
Spend my loot on fancy whores
and never kiss ..em on the mouth

My Vera Oh yeah My Vera Oh yeah

Download here:
Much Ado

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It's been a long time since I've done any fanfic. I was travelling for a while so was obivously completely out of the loop fandomwise. I've given it a few months to work out if I could still manage it at least as passably as I used to. Just a short dialogue.

Title: Hold our breath
Author: </a></b></a>
Characters: Mal, River, Kaylee, Wash, Zoe, Book, Simon
Summary: Just Serenity
Timeline: Pre-movie, anytime in series really
Rating: U
A/N: First fic in a long time. Just wanted to see if I could still write the voices

Hold our breath