January 12th, 2009


Special Episode to Help Out Sonny Rhodes

Our hearts are very sad for our dear friend Sonny Rhodes, the singer who performed the Firefly theme song. He’s been very sick and not able to work and now is struggling to make ends meet. You can read all about his situation on Whedonesque.
In order to help him out, we’re going to be creating a VERY special episode of Buffy Between the Lines that is -only- available to people who donate to Sonny’s paypal fund. We’ll also be giving away some copies of Buffy Season 8 the comic, special Buffy Between the Lines posters, S1 of BBtL on DVD, and other prizes (TBA)
If you’d like to receive this secret episode, please make a donation to Sonny’s paypal (you can find the button on his Myspace) and then send us an email to buffybetweenthelines-at-gmail.com with the subject line “For Sonny”. In the email please put your name and Paypal transaction number (or other proof of donation). ANY amount can help Sonny out, so please give as you are able.
All emails received will receive a link to a secret episode on April 1st, 2009. Other winners will be notified by email.
Click here for Buffy Between the Lines