January 29th, 2009

Shadow person

Don't Blame the Tams

Y'know, I have thought about how Jayne and, occasionally, Mal, liked to pick on the Tam sibs for getting them into trouble with the Law all the damned time.

It seems to me that they were already in trouble with the Law, otherwise they'd not have been scavenging off of dead hulks and getting screwed by Badger on Persephone / Patience / Fanty and Mingo, and getting chased down and tortured by Adelai Niska.

Just watching the pilot of the series, which has the same name as the movie, and it was interesting to see how Mal seemed to be whining about "jobs goin' south" in both shows.

But in the pilot, he'd never met the Tams, so ... what was holding him back then?

So he could hardly blame the Tams for his own rotten luck and poor choice of jobs, now, could he?

Also, as he pointed out, Serenity should have been drifting ages ago. No money coming in, no end of rotten luck ... and yet she kept on flying. So it's definitely not Serenity's fault, either. Not even when the port compression coil blew and crippled her, without her telling Kaylee something was wrong before she keeled. They did, after all, have plenty of chances on Persephone and other worlds to pick up a new compression coil, didn't they?

So, i'truth, one cannot blame the Tams, or Serenity, or Jayne getting stupid because the money was too good, when there's really onle one person who can be blamed in all this. Right?
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