February 4th, 2009



Hi so i'm new to this community. I just recently became a firefly fan...OMG i love it. My wife also became a fan and now when we watch the show on dvd i can't watch it with out her. My mom and her bf introduced us to firefly and now we are hooked. When we saw the episode "out of gas" i almost cried. That was a really good episode, all of them are really good, but i think the one that made me laugh the most is "jaynestown" lol.
When my wife and i got married my mom and her bf bought us a wedding gift and it was these firefly figures. They are so awesome. Our roommate who also is a "brown coat" fan loves the figures and shows them to her ex bf who is also a fan lol. I can't wait to watch the movie now! I'm glad i became a fan!
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When i was watching the pilot episode for the first time.....i remember being very confused cause it started out with them being in the war....and for some reason i thought that the dvd had started the episode in the middle of it. So i restarted it like twice and than realized that thats how the episode starts....and than i couldn't stop laughing when it shows wash and he is playing with the dinosaurs lol.....oh so funny