March 29th, 2009


Rec Firefly Fanfiction

Are you a het fan looking for some good fanfiction recommendations? Read any fanfic you loved and want to spread the word far and wide? het_reccers is an organized fanfiction recommendation community for all your het (M/F) needs. Any and all het fic recs are welcomed — all fandoms, all characters, all het pairings, and all genres.

The next two weeks are specially dedicated to: Firefly
Rec any and all het pairings in Firefly!


March BigDamnKnitting Reminder for Comic-Con

It's time to start in making BigDamnHats for the California Browncoats for this year's Comic-Con!

Once again, the nonprofit California Browncoats are puttin' out the call for all us BigDamnKnitters to do our thing and make hats for them to have at Comic-Con in July. So, I'm reachin' out to each of you!

Here's the deal:

The California Browncoats are looking for knitters to make them Jayne Hats for Comic-Con. If you are interested, send them an email at and find out more.

There will be 125,000 warm bodies at Comic-Con this year. Let's stick a Jayne Hat on each and every head. Both adult and child/baby size welcome. We got more than 120 hats last year and I am for us to break that record!

Ready? Set? KNIT! I promise to ONLY harass you guys once a month.

Pls. feel free to repost to your fave Browncoat communities and boards!