July 27th, 2009

Sandra Bullock

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After a couple of years of trying to get my hands on a Belgian DVD release of Firefly, I succumbed and combed Ebay for a copy that would ship from nearby, so that I wouldn't have to pay too much postage. In the end, I waltzed away with Firefly and Serenity from a Dutch seller. (I may have strayed in my search and ended up with Highlander as well. I'm such a geek.) But I have it now! Pretty damn shiny for someone who's tried to just hold it in her hands for the past few years.

So shiny in fact, that I'm afraid to open up the darn thing. I really need to get over that; it's not likely that production of the boxsets will be halted anytime soon. But hey, Belgium, what up? You release the movie on DVD, but not the show? How do you expect people to follow up on the show afterwards? I'd love to walk into a store and just see a Firefly boxset sitting on the shelves. That seriously would make my day. DVD, not Bluray.

How good does Firefly look on Bluray, for that matter? I seriously considered shelling out money to get that release and supporting system, before I came to my senses and found the DVD version.

And where exactly on the DVD do I find Baldwin singing 'Jayne'? I've got the UK version, if that helps.