October 22nd, 2010

Wash fun

RPG promo

Glaxcin Prison (glaxcinprison) is looking to fill out its Firefly cast a bit more. At the moment, we have River, Wash, Zoe, Mal and Kaylee. We're particularly looking for Simon. River has been devastated ever since her brother vanished from the prison a while back and Kaylee misses him terribly. Zoe and Wash would also like to have Simon around because there is currently no doctor that isn't played by one of their players. It gets awkward.

That said, we'd also love to get the rest of the crew or the supporting characters. Mal needs Inara to try to talk some sense into him after some... drama. Book would be appreciated as a calming presence and Jayne, well, Jayne's always fun to have around. Same goes for characters like Saffron or Badger, there are all sorts of hijinks they could get up to.

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