February 23rd, 2011

ferris shower

Linking to campaigns

A lot of links have been coming in related to the show returning and attempts by fans to buy it. Please don't link to anything where the organizers haven't identified themselves in some way. There have been a lot of misleading headlines recently. So to clear a few things up:

1. The Science Channel will be airing the original episodes of Firefly with some additional material featuring a scientist discussing the science behind the show.

2. There are no new episodes planned for The Science Channel.

3. Comments by Nathan Fillion about wanting to buy Firefly in a recent interview have been taken entirely out of context; the question stipulated the end of Castle.

4. Comments by writers on Twitter are also being taken out of context; Jane Espenson & Jose Molina have said they'd be on board for a return of Firefly. Them being willing doesn't mean it's happening.

5. The legal contractual issues involved in getting the actors back and buying the rights to the show make it highly unlikely that fans would be able to organize any such thing.

Again, please don't link to any fan campaigns that ask for pledges or donations without checking them out thoroughly and determining that the organizers are at least willing to identify themselves by some online name.

I'm turning comments off on this post. Remember, from the community rules:

"We don't vote on my ship, because my ship is not the rutting town hall."
The mod's word is law and reserves the right to do as they please.

As soon as the organizers of a campaign identify themselves and/or have some kind of support from the producers of the show (Chris Buchanan, Joss Whedon, or Tim Minear) I'm happy to have it posted here.