May 13th, 2011


Firefly: The Complete Series Blu-Ray on sale for $23.49 @ Amazon

Firefly: The Complete Series Blu-Ray is on sale at Amazon today only for $23.49. This is the lowest the blu-ray set has ever been (it was $36.49 yesterday)!

On the Blu-ray discs
Firefly has a picture that's a little softer than most Blu-ray discs (especially in the effects shots), but it is an improvement over the DVDs (even in an upconverting DVD player or Blu-ray player), and the punchy sound (DTS HD 5.1 compared to the DVDs' 2.0 surround) is a definite upgrade. In addition to the original bonus features, there are a couple new ones: a 25-minute conversation among Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Ron Glass, and Alan Tudyk in which they discuss the series and a number of specific episodes (Fillion recalls thinking he was getting fired after the first episode), and a new commentary track by the four fellows on "Our Mrs. Reynolds." And since it's easy to get sucked into watching multiple episodes, it's nice to have a Play All feature on the BDs.
FF - your grave

Joss will be at CSTS: LA on June 25th!

This year's Can't Stop The Serenity: Los Angeles is going to be the best one yet! In addition to special guests Amanda Sullivan, the Director of Equality Now’s Women’s Action Network, and Jessica Neuwirth, EN’s Chair and Founder, we are incredibly excited to have Joss Whedon in person to say a few words to the Browncoats for supporting Equality Now and Can’t Stop the Serenity over the years.

Tickets are selling out fast, so get yours now! Click here for more information and to buy your tickets.

-- Beth, Event Organizer (Online Presence and Publicity)