June 9th, 2011

Jayne - Whip This Out

Morena Baccarin autograph for charity


While appearing at Wizard World in NYC in 2011 Morena was kind enough to donate an autograph  for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.  This auction is 100 percent tax deductible and will also benefit The Actors Fund and The Phyllis Newman Womens Health Initiative!

Please take a look at the auction HERE!


If you'd like to see my fundraising page (in which I trade my dignity for donations by posting increasingly humiliating photos and videos) it's HERE!
And I also have a Zazzle store featuring Firefly/Buffy/BSG(spoilers) merchandise (shirts, mouspads, bags and more) all benefitting BC/EFA HERE.

Thank you so much!!

What's Left of the Flag-- A Firefly Fanmix

I made a fanmix a few days ago for my favorite Big Damn Heroes, and thought I might ought to share it with some fellow fans. It mostly follows Mal, Zoe, and Jayne, since they were really the ones we got to see in their primary role of soldier. The title for the mix comes from a Flogging Molly song that I felt really described the three of them. This is for the soldiers of loss, fortune, and conscience.

Follow the link for both covers and a track listing.
Keep on flyin'.