August 17th, 2011


Firefly Fanfic Contest Deadline Reminder

Hey Folks, Now's the time when I come out of the woodwork to remind readers that we are now officially three days from the deadline for our August fanfiction contest, to choose the stories to be featured in our September issue. If you haven't started writing yet (or you've never heard of me, us, or any of what I'm saying), here are all the details you need.

BW is a multi-fandom, free monthly fanfiction magazine. Each month we run a different contest featuring several different fandoms; the best fic (selected as blind entries from a panel of judges) is featured within the pages of the magazine, along with a writer's bio in the magazine and on the website. Cool, right? Yeah, I know. It's kind of awesome.

Here are our fandoms for this month:






Here are your prompts:

  1. First day of school
  2. Apples
  3. Neil Diamond song, September Morn
Bonus points if you're able to integrate all three into the story!
Maximum rating: We’re sticking with T, kids
Deadline: August 20, 2011
Check out our submission guidelines to find out max word count and details on how to submit your story.
All entries should receive notification that their story has been received within twenty-four hours of having sent their e-mail. Winners will receive a special BW virtual medallion to display on their blogs, and will be featured in the pages of the BW E-Zine.
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