January 8th, 2012

mal + jayne celebration

Firefly Posters

Free to good home: 6 Firefly Posters.

Ummm before I get into that though, maybe I should say hi? I did just join less than a minute ago. So my name's cloned_fiction and I love Firefly with all my heart. I usually don't do much partaking in internet fandom circles though because I'm the shy lurker type but I'm getting a bit more confident these days and this community looks fun. I like to write and I sometimes make icons and I'm studying to be a librarian etc, and all that getting-to-know-you junk. What else? My favourite Firefly character is Wash, the BDM makes me cry every gorram time and my favourite episode is Out of Gas. Any fellow Aussie Browncoats on here? I've not met many Firelfy fans IRL and no die-hard Browncoats. I'm from the south coast of NSW btw.

Anyway, on to my very special offer. I have some posters I don't want so much, so I'm giving them away. I finally got round to buying all the Firefly posters sets I want but I'm not going to hang them all because I just don't love all the characters that much (before anyone gets indignant I have to love something very very very much to give it wall space). So anyway, I know there are people out there who love these characters best, so I'm going to try and get them to a good loving home rather than forgotten in the back of my closet. I'm doing this on a first come first serve basis, so if you want any of these comment here with the specific ones (and you can have them all if you want, I won't judge you). I'll give it a week or until they're all claimed (whichever comes first) then I'll start sending them out. I really hope someone here wants them, because I've already tried my small group of friends and they were quite disinterested in the idea :( I really want these posters to get the love they deserve.

So, here's what I'm offering. If you follow the links provided you will be able to see the sets, and the names after the links are the individual posters I'm parting with:

Shepard Book

Simon Tam
Malcolm Reynolds
(I was tempted to keep Mal but I know people out there love him way more than I do - he's not even in my top 5!)

River Tam
(I was also tempted to keep her but It'd be a shame to break her and Simon up plus I only wanted to keep five - but yes I will break up Simon and Kaylee because I'm a Jayne/Kaylee shipper so there!)

Cutaway poster set:
The Mule
Inara's Shuttle

(these two may have tiny scuffy tears and crinkles on the edges and corners, I've had them for a while and I'm not quite gentle with my stuff. But the others are in pristine condition)

If you're not impressed by my charity of second-hand, incomplete, unwanted poster sets, and would rather buy the full sets please do, they're lovely. But if your favourite characters are on this list, and you don't have the cash to get all of them then please take them off my hands.

Just to re-iterate, these are completely free. I'm happy to send them off to anyone who wants them just so long as I'm assured they'll be going to a loving home. Postcards or thankyou notes in return are optional but will make me smile :D

--edit Mal and River have been claimed and accordingly crossed off----

--I'm so glad people are interested in these posters, it would have been a shame if they'd been tucked away somewhere collecting dust. Just the Shepard Book one left now, I hope he finds someone---

--Wow, this was definitely the right community to turn to. That was really quick! Thanks to everyone who claimed posters, I'll be sending them off Wednesday or Thursday :) --
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