October 11th, 2013

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news update on upcoming Serenity comics

From Comicbookresources.com:

"Whedon's "Firefly" and "Serenity" have a zealous fan base, and Allie, for his part, is as excited as anyone to see the Firefly crew back in action.

"I'm excited to bring these characters back out, to see new adventures with them," said Allie. "When Zack turned in the first few pages of 'Shepherd's Tale' script, we all felt, just reading the script pages, that the world was alive again in a way it hadn't been since the movie. Zack did something unique with these guys, and we'd been dying to see it again."

With the 2005 "Serenity" film came drastic changes to the "Firefly" ensemble. Challenged with providing an somewhat solid ending, the film offered a conclusion of sorts, along with the loss of several key characters. The biggest challenge facing Zack Whedon may be recreating the chemistry of an ensemble cast with fewer pieces.

"In a way, everything that makes 'Serenity' what it is was changed by the movie," said Allie. "The show was so much the chemistry of the nine characters, and you remove two, it's not the same. So not only do they need to recreate an amazing sense of chemistry in this ensemble, but they need to redefine it, with essential pieces missing. River is different, too. She's not the same character she was. I actually think she's an easier character to deal with now, but I don't have to write it. Joss had Patton Oswalt make Zoe pregnant in that one-shot that Patton wrote, and it's been long enough that we have to pay it off. And what they did at the end of the film makes the characters more notorious, more hated, than ever before, so the stakes are raised."

Allie is confident, however, than the fans of the series will embrace the story as it moves forward this January.

"We're lucky because the fan base, the die-hard 'Serenity' fans --Browncoats -- are a really enthusiastic and uniquely positive bunch, and they've known the work of these two guys for a long time now," said Allie. "I think they're really going appreciate the scope and ambition of the story Zack and Georges are delivering, and they're going to get the kinds of moments that they crave in any Whedon story.

"It's a challenge," continued Allie, "but we have the two perfect guys in there for it." "

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(Zack Whedon also wrote the Shepherd Book back story graphic novel,Georges Jeanty did the artwork on the Buffy Seasons 8 and 9 comics.)