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More Firefly: Serenity sneak previews in 20 cities May 26th!

wishingwillow just posted this in serenityspoiler but apparently not here? Anyhow:

From Joss Whedon on the Browncoats message forum:

"You might have heard rumors, but I'm here to confirm. On thursday the 26th the studio is doing another round of hit-and-run screenings, and this time it's not ten cities -- it's twenty. It's another vote of confidence from the studio and another chance for us to say "thanks" to you guys for keeping this all rolling. And most importantly, another chance to run that videotape of me before the movie, looking so tragically sexy.

""Wait a minute! What cities!?!?! Hey, %#$@face, stop talking about how sexy you are (although you are confessedly quite the dish) and give us the info!" Well, I don't actually know. I think we'll be repeating in the cities we've hit and adding 10 new ones. I expect can'tstopthesignal will have the info some time tomorrow, and let the manager-threatening begin! (Or, you know, the ticket buying.) Hopefully one of those cities will be near you, and won't be one where the film breaks and has to start again (heh heh... professional showbusiness... ). I don't know if any of the peeps is gonna be able to come out this time, but if they can they will, and I know Jewel's going somewhere 'cause she was working last time."

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