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Margaret Weis Productions to Produce Roleplaying Game Book Based on Universal Pictures' Upcoming Release Serenity

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, (April 26, 2005) - Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. is pleased to announce its agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to produce roleplaying game products based on Universal Pictures' upcoming film Serenity. Written and directed by the Oscar®- and Emmy-nominated Joss Whedon, (creator of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel), Serenity is scheduled for release on September 30th, 2005.

Like the film, the roleplaying game book is set in the future and allows players to either re-create the action of the movie or experience new tales of adventure. The core book, the Serenity Roleplaying Game, is a self-contained roleplaying game using a new game system specially created for the line. The game book will be a full-color, hardcover book featuring still images from the film as well as original artwork. It will provide rules for play, character creation, and a short adventure along with information about the crew of the Firefly-class spaceship, Serenity. A release date for the Serenity Roleplaying Game is forthcoming and will be followed by supplemental roleplaying game books and an interactive website.

"The universe created for Serenity is amazing," says Margaret Weis, New York Times best-selling author and game publisher. "The movie presents a fascinating and intriguing view of the future. Serenity combines the best conventions of science fiction and westerns in a unique way, and is a natural fit for a roleplaying game."

Vice President of Margaret Weis Productions, Jamie Chambers, who leads a team of game designers and writers, including Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, James M. Ward, Tony Lee, and Andrew Peregrine, commented, "I could not be more enthusiastic about the new game. Everyone involved on this project has an excitement and passion for the material, one that shows in the quality of their work and the fun we're having in early playtests." Chambers continued, "Our goal is provide a game that is easy to learn, fast to play, and encourages the kind of fast-paced action, fun, and character development that fans will see in theaters."
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