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I don't watch much TV, but when I do it is littered with Star Wars-licensed products. 7-11, M&M's, happy meal toys and Legos or whatever. It's freakin' everywhere; so much so, that I'm hesitating to bother seeing the movie. I'll probably go to a matinee in a week or so.

I know that Serenity has action figures planned and comic books, all good for the audience, but are there any other tie-ins? I wouldn't expect to see happy meal toys, it's not necessarily a kids movie, but I would be disappointed if Joss went the Spielberg/Lucas route on this one and had Mal hawking Whoppers or insect repellent or some other go se you don't need. I would love to see a model of serenity herself, like one of the cool Testors models, not some awful Snap-Tite one. (Limited appeal there, I'd guess.)

What do you suppose the goofiest product tie-in or merchandising idea for Serenity would be?
Saturday morning cartoon to get kids to buy the toys al a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Transformers?
Hmmm, what about toothbrushes with poorly drawn cartoon representations of the characters on the handles?
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