MantridDrone (mantriddrone) wrote in fireflyfans,

new fan

i moved into the new place a few weeks ago and only yesterday i sorted out the DVD player.

im sharing the place with a chap called Dan who likes The Next Generation but no other Trek or other scifi for that matter.

needless to say that the first thing i put on when we were free this evening was the Firefly DVDs.

he happily sat through "Serenity" and then "The Train Job". im glad to report that he was entertained, intrigued, amused, and astonished. he's hooked already!

this is very good news because i intend to watch one episode a day until the film opens in September (probably October in the UK).

its nice to know that it wont be the thing we fall out over - hehe. its probably be over who forgot to clean the toilet, or something equally unimportant in the general scheme of things :)
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