The sanest lunatic you've ever met (sdwolfpup) wrote in fireflyfans,
The sanest lunatic you've ever met

Summer of Serenity!


Get all the information here!

To whet your appetite:

serenitysummer is a celebration of Firefly in preparation for the Big Damn Movie (aka BDM)! Our goal is to let those of us who already know and love the Firefly universe to share our love and hopefully attract new Browncoats while doing so.

Sign-ups start June 1st, but you can join the community now to keep an eye out on it. If you join, feel free to pimp this on your journal, we'd love a big crowd. Plus, the more folks who are curious, the more who may be convinced to go see the movie. And even if you don't plan on signing up (although I can't imagine why not!), you can watch the comm anyway and share the love.

Contributions can be fic, vids, icons, pic spam of the hottest moments of a character, a treatise on all the best lines in a particular episode, an examination of a single person within an episode, or whatever you can think of that relates to the episode or character that you sign up for. Share your love, surprise us with your creativity. Join today!

PLEASE NOTE - The comm is going to be movie AND television show spoiler safe, so even if you haven't seen the show already, you are welcome to join. We'll be going through the episodes in chronological DVD order (not the wonky Fox airing order) and there will be lots of cutting and spoiler tags.
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