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Portland Oregon Shindig [cross-posted]

The next Shindig is on June 4th at 4pm. We are meeting at the Barley Mill in SE Portland. Minors are allowed. I have a few ideas I want to bring up to the group, including Firefly viewing parties and guerilla marketing for Serenity, but mostly this is a chance to meet each other and chat about the 'verse.

Since there's been a bigger response than I expected, if you're coming to the Shindig please send an RSVP to electricspacegirl at gmail dot com to give me an idea about how many people will be attending. If there are a lot of you, I may have to make reservations just to make sure we have enough seats.

Saturday, June 4, 2005
Barley Mill
1629 S.E. Hawthorne
Portland, OR 97214

I do want to stress that the shindigs are SPOILER FREE. There will be people there who haven't seen the movie yet, so for those of you who have, please keep spoilers to yourself. If you want to get together with other fans to discuss details of the movie, feel free to post that here (I wouldn't mind getting together with anyone for coffee to chat about Serenity).

I hope to see you at the Shindig!

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