We are not your sinners (hedwigisgoddess) wrote in fireflyfans,
We are not your sinners

Obsessed...(x-posted to other places)

ok. So I've realized I am completely OBSESSED with Firefly.
My brother and I just watched 4 episodes in a row lastnight. We finally watched the commemtary too, oh gosh. "War Stories" was so funny with Nathan and Alan. I watched "The Message" with the commentary again and that was so much funny too.
All today in school I was thinking about how much I would love to be on Serenity. I also thought about how Earth sucks and it would be so much fun to be up in space flying around in such a beautiful spaceship.
My brother said that he finds Kaylee more attractive than Inara. I was a bit taken back, I'm not sure why though.
So yeah. 122 days left until Serenity comes out. I cannot wait.
I'm getting dressed up too.

oh & whenever I hear a word that has anything to do with Firefly, thats all I can think of for the next 10 minutes. Today during prayer the word Serenity was used and I smiled & that's where my mind drifted off for the rest of the day.
That happens all the time with a bunch of different words. yikes.
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