Queen of Snarkdom (sisterspooky) wrote in fireflyfans,
Queen of Snarkdom

i need help from fellow browncoats,.

for my birthday my brother has offered to get me a t-shirt printed with whatever i want on it, basically he can only afford text so on the front i was planning to get 'you can't stop the signal' but on i'm thinking if i can to get something else put on the back but i'm stuck between these two choices.


'what would malcolm reynolds do? ~ Nathan Fillion'


'We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty ~ Joss Whedon'

which do you think??? or is there another quote you think i should us that is even better. i want something about the show or the fans rather than from the show, unless it kinda works both ways if you understand my meaning.

any opinions are welcome.

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