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Hey Browncoats!!!

I'm relatively new to the community and new to the fandom. I'm going to be attending Comic-con this year (I go every year because I ROCK!!) and I will be dressing up as Kaylee for at least one of the days, maybe more, depending on how it goes. I just decided this last night, so my costume isn't going to be spectacular, but it will work and be as close as I can possibly get it.

Who else is going to the Con? Are any of you dressing up??

I really really want to meet up with people that are Firefly fans like me!!

Also... does anyone know who's going to be there? I know Morena Baccarin, Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin, but are there any more? I HOPE SO! My god, if Jewel Staite or Sean Maher show up, I'll DIE! then get back up, find them, take pictures, and then DIE! again.
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