John "4HouRZer0" Ezell (utdrd) wrote in fireflyfans,
John "4HouRZer0" Ezell

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too late

I just got into Firefly took me long enough & in this case, procrastination is the enemy. True I hear we're getting a movie in September, which may or may not be an ending/fulfilling/whatever. I'm sorry to all the fans, I helped save FarScape, Doctor Who FINALLY got renewed after 15 years... I was also into The Invisible Man, which got 2 seasons. It's just a shame that a show which is this good & IMO is up there & maybe outshines FarScape had to get canned. FOX evidentally sold thier brains away with the crap they currently show. I'm not a troll looking for a flame war, just an honest guy who seen shows cancelled far too often.

As Jayne might say: it's a gorram shame... Looking forward to Serenity in Sept.
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