Kiba (kibarika) wrote in fireflyfans,

The Mostly Final Word from Firefly: Immediate Assistance

At this point, there is nothing further we fans can do to secure Firefly's future.

While we did not succeed in finding the show a new network, we have accomplished much.

We believe we were influential in FOX's decision to order additional scripts from Mutant Enemy.

We produced a full-page advertisement in Variety which drew media attention and showed our appreciation for Firefly's cast and crew.

We sent packages encouraging reviewers to take a second look at Firefly and showed solidarity within the fandom via the December 20th viewing parties.

The Firefly: Immediate Assistance store has raised over $500 for the Children's Miracle Network.

We've set a precedent for positive achievement, and we will continue that achievement on Saturday, January 25, when fans all over North America donate coats to service organizations in Firefly's name.

Firefly may be gone from the airwaves, but it is not forgotten.

Firefly: Immediate Assistance will remain online through October 2003 as a testament to our achievement and as a source of information about Firefly.

Thank you for your support, your blood, sweat and tears.
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