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Source: SciFi Wire
More networks reject Firefly

Christopher Buchanan—president of Joss Whedon's production company, Mutant Enemy, which is behind Fox's defunct Firefly — told Sci Fi Wire that ABC, CBS, NBC, UPN and the SCI FI Channel have all turned down deals to resurrect the SF series, at least so far. "The status of Firefly as of today is, ... the clock is running down in the fourth quarter, and we're 90 yards away from the goal line, and the Hail Mary is coming up," Buchanan said in an interview.

Fox put the low-rated series on indefinite hiatus after airing the show's two-hour pilot on Dec. 20, and creator Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has been frantically trying to find another home for the show. Buchanan said that the series' elaborate sets remain intact for now. Before wrapping, the show shot three original episodes that have yet to air.

"We've explored some of the networks and haven't really made a lot of progress," Buchanan said at UPN's winter press preview. Why? "The cost of the show, the timing, the fact that we didn't finish a full season and have other networks out there figuring out what they have in terms of pilots, what they have in terms of their own series cancellations. Timing is just horrible."

One problem is Firefly's cost: $2 million per episode, Buchanan said. But, he added, "Joss is completely committed to finding a home for it. And we're joking, we're saying puppet theater if need be. Because we just love our whole cast and crew and have had a great time on it. But we're on life support right now. It's pretty grim right now." A cable network is one possible venue. "We've gone so far as to explore the options in terms of, ... without going into great detail, everything from could we move the show to Canada? ... But the reality is, it's a pretty expensive show. And the budget would have to come down significantly. And just given [studio] 20th [Television]'s investment and all the people involved and stuff, it's pretty unlikely that we would go on, I think, in syndication.

Source: Sci Fi Wire
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