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fannish music videos

I dunno if all y'all have seen the phenomenon which is songvidding. It's music videos made by fans with clips from their favorite shows. debchan has made two amazing Firefly songvids recently - you can find them both here.

"Touring" is extremely fun, to The Ramones' song. I find myself humming the song all day long after viewing it. There are practically no spoilers contained in the songvid - it's just a fun, fun romp.

"Money for Nothing" is the Dire Straits song - Debchan collaborated with Laura Shapiro on this one, and it's quite good. (Extra good, considering I don't like that song very much.) Lots of Jayne, if you like that kind of thing, and I do.

The ever lovely bonibaru had the first Firefly songvid that I saw, and it's a doozy. Go here. "Hallelujah" is a companion to "Out of Gas" - I don't recommend watching the songvid if you haven't seen the episode. It's more fantastic than I can express.

the fine print:
don't link to these songvids in any FOX-sponsored forum. don't send them to producers, directors, or actors affiliated with the show. read the explanation on bonibaru's songvid page if you have further questions.
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