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possible Spam email?

Has anyone else gotten an email that is from a "terrifichick16", Karen Jackson?
In my NE Browncoats list, many are thinking it is spam. If she clicks on the private email link, she can send emails but until you reply to her, she doesnt know what your email is, so then you get put on a spamming list

Here is the Email i got: (lj link bc its longish)

Hi, I hope you're well. My name's Karen Jackson and I'm from
Australia. I came across your name on the Firefly yahoo fan
group. If you're still a big Firefly show fan, I'm writing as I'm
researching and profiling the history of this cult short-lived sci-
fi series in my media course at school. It's no problem, but as I
need to survey any (preferably advanced) Firefly show fans I can
find on the questions below, I'd be honored to hear from you (now,
or within 2 weeks) with your reply to the 3 questions below, as I
can't answer.

If there's any other fairly eloquent, articulate Firefly fans
(compared to most people) you know or admire, please let me know how
I could reach them, if possible. I could mention you recommended
them, or not say anything if that's more preferred. Thanks so much
for your time. I hope to hear from you very soon.

Question 1 : Who was and still is, your 1 or 2 favorite Firefly
series character/s and why ?
Question 2 : What made (and still makes) the Firefly series, so
compelling to you ?

Question 3 : What is, or would be if money wasn't a limitation, your
most creatively witty (serious or humorous) or eloquent concept/s of
serenity, or how would you creatively define it, or describe it ?

Please note, this question isn't at all asking one to describe your
concept of the Firefly TV series, or the new film. There's a few
ways to answer this. It's asking to define 'Serenity', as in what
most relaxes you mentally and physically.
If that's personal, or if you reckon your response may sound (as my
own also would) predictably or tediously average, even though
there's nothing at all wrong with it of course (like listening to
some music, reading a book, watching a waterfall or a sunset, etc.
etc.), feel free to answer another way. Either giving your own
reasonably creative, witty, eloquent, or philosophical concept of
serenity, whether it's your own, something you read about, or one
that you do certainly relate to the Firefly TV series, or to any
particular Firefly series character/s.

Karen Jackson

Has anyone gotten this and replied? is it legit?
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