Kezuki (kezbat) wrote in fireflyfans,

Jus' wonderin'.

I haven't much time right now so this is rushed. Basically I got into Firefly because of Buffy. To elaborate: I loved Buffy SO MUCH that I'd pretty much watch anything by Joss Whedon. It took me long than I'd have liked though because I had to wait until the boxset came out.

Now... I thought nothing would ever be better than Buffy (I'm not talking about Angel because some days I love it, some days I HATE! it and I cannot articulate why this is). I didn't think a 14 episode series would surpass 144 episodes of Buffy. Although I prefer to think of it as 122 episodes because I loathe season seven.

Anyway, basically, Firefly has far, far surpassed Buffy - and any other series - in my affections. So my topic is:

Firefly is better than Buffy. Discuss.
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