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Lady Jordana the Whimsical, Queen of Sexual Napalm

I went to see Serenity last night, the movie based on the now defunct series of Firefly (a Joss Whedon
show). It was the red carpet premier at Universal and my first viewing
of the movie. Lots of the folks I went with had seen the movie at least
once before. Anyway, I wanted to put down my memories of the event
before I forget them (not that I could any time soon but you know) so I
can look back and remember them for a long time.

I left my office at a little after one in the afternoon to go home and
start getting ready. I was worried about getting my hair done and my
nails done for the premier, because not only was it a red carpet event,
it was, well, kind of a date too, so I wanted to look my best. After
talking to a couple girls at work I decided the quickest fix for my
hair would be to go to Sav-on and get a curling iron and hair
decorations and do my own hair. So that’s what I did. I bought a
ceramic curling iron and mousse. I looked for hair decorations, but
alas, could find none. So, I headed home, having not eaten lunch yet,
but really wanting to eat much for I didn’t think my stomach would
handle any food well. I dumped my stuff on my bed and headed off to
take a shower. I shaved, conditioned, exfoliated did all the girlie
bath stuff of course. Got out, moisturized and put some random clothes
on so I could do my hair. Then I realized I was really hungry. So I had
half a piece of cake and a glass of milk. Then I towel dried my hair,
and set about the arduous task of drying and styling. I curled my
entire head with the curling iron, which took about 45 minutes to an
hour. Then I put my make up on and got dressed. I actually got out of
the house at my desired time of 4:15, which honestly shocked the hell
outta me. I didn’t get a chance to do my nails, but they are really,
really short right now, so it wouldn’t have done too much for their
looks in my humble opinion. I headed to Universal City Walk and made it
in plenty of time. The parking was free for the event, so that was
cool. I parked and headed towards Gladstone’s to meet up with Clay, my
date. I could get there easily, since they already had the red carpet
set up, so I had to walk around and was there fore a smidgen late to
meet him, but it was all good. When I walked in, he got off his bar
stool and gave me a hug and told me I looked fabulous. I must have
blushed. Big time. He looked nice too, but much more casual than I was.
I went all out and did the companion-esque thing (wearing my black
Chinese brocade bodice from Torrid and my black palazzo pants and
llightfoot let me borrow her gorgeous pink and gold
wedding sari for a wrap). So we sat down and chatted and had drinks. (I
had three margaritas because they were on the happy hour menu and only
$2.50 each which is so in my budget for drinks) and after a while we
ordered fried calamari and chicken tenders from the happy hour menu as
well, which were also only $2.50 each. At about 6:30 or so, we wrapped
it up, and Clay, bless his little browncoat heart, paid for everything!
I was floored. How sweet is that?
Anyway, we headed over to the red carpet to pick up our tickets, for
which we didn’t have to wait in line for at all, which shocked the hell
outta me. We met some more browncoats from the socal browncoats yahoo
list, all of which were very nice and dressed for the event as well.
Then they started to let us into the theater, so we went (not realizing
we should have stayed outside to see the stars come in, but we all
figured we see them at the after party later anyway) and headed inside.
I kept looking out for Mindy but never saw her! *pouts* SO, Clay and I
hooked up with some other browncoats that he knew, and we went to find
seats. One of the girls, Danielle, handed Clay a bunch of napkins right
after they found out that this was my first time seeing the movie. He
was like ‘What are these for’ and she just nodded in my direction. I
was like okay, something happens where I might cry. Could be good
crying could be bad crying. I had no idea. Turns out I needed them big
time! I won’t say why, but yeah, I needed them!!! The movie itself was
fucking awesome! It was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my
life. Like ever. It was masterfully done, there was a ton of
information in it for peeps that had not seen the series, and yet there
was all kinds of insider info for those that are rabid fans of the
series, like me. *squees all over the place* We found Mindy and Todd
before the movie started so that was cool. Mindy looked amazing, of
After the movie, we headed to the bathroom and Summer Glau
(who plays River Tam) was there, and I missed it! Mindy saw her though!
We headed out to the after party, me Mindy, Todd and Clay. Got there
met some folks, had some yummy food. Mindy and Todd decided to wander a
bit, as did Clay, and I stayed and sat for bit. Mindy came back and
said she saw Nathan Fillion (who plays Captain Malcom Reynolds) entering the party and I was like, “It’s
time to go wander some more!” So she and I went to go wander some more.
We found Clay over by the big party (which was at the Globe Theater on
the Universal Studios theme park) and we saw Adam Baldwin (who plays Jayne Cobb) signing
autographs. Clay told me to turn around and there was Alan Tudyk (he plays Wash)!!!!!!
After he was done signing a few autographs, he looked at me and Mindy
and winked and we gave him thumbs up and said in or fake British
accents, “well done!” and “jolly fine job” and such things. He laughed
and winked again. *squeeeeeeees*
Then Mindy headed back to Todd, and I hung around with Clay and then
Clay and I wandered back to the other side of the party. Mindy decided
reluctantly, that she had to leave and go back to her kids, so she and
Todd left. After about 15 minutes, we wandered back to the VIP party
and the crowds were gone! We saw another browncoat come OUT of the
party and he was like, “They let us inside!” So damn straight we went
inside! Inside, I got to see Allison Hannigan, Amy Acker, Alexis
and I spotted Nathan Fillion and his dad! So, after my
experience at WizardCon, I had to go to see Nathan’s dad! So I wormed
my way over and tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Mr. Fillion? Hi.
I doubt you remember me, but I met you at Wizard Con in Long Beach and
I told you a story about my friend in Edmonton, Alberta Canada that
went to high school at the school you taught at.” And he
said, “Actually, I DO remember that!” And then shook my hand and
chatted with Clay and I about his road trip here and how much he liked
the movie and it was so fucking awesome!! Then I turned around and
there was Nathan Fillion!!!! Clay said he needed some air, so he went
outside, and I went up to Nathan and said, “Hi! Before I tell you what
an amazing actor you are, which you are,” to which he said, “thank you
very much,” I continued, “I was just talking to your dad about a friend
of mine who went to school where he taught and that you ate lunch with
them one day when you came to visit him.” He said he didn’t remember it
personally, because it was a long time ago, but he totally believed me.
So I just said I wanted to say hi, and thank you and them he shook my
hand!!! He has the SOFTEST hands I have ever felt. My heart was all
aflutter let me tell you! And I felt like an UBER dork. I wanted to say
something wittier and make him laugh and not just sound like another
squeeing fan! Ron Glass (who plays Shepherd Book) touched my shoulders
and said Hi, and wanted to get to Nathan, so I moved out of the way.
Anyway, after that, I headed outside to meet back up with Clay. After
some milling, he said he really, really wanted to shake Joss’ hand and
say thank you, so off we went back in! We met Summer Glau (officially
this time), Morena Baccarin (who plays Inara Serra, the Companion) and
then we headed over to see Joss Whedon – the Master himself. So, Joss’s
wife, Kai, looked at Clay and said, very loudly, “Oh My God! I’ve seen
you on TV!” (Clay was interviewed as a fan in a testimonials spot). My
date was famous! This was so hot! So we spent the better part of half
an hour HANGING OUT with Joss Whedon and his wife. Then Alan Tudyk came
up and gave Joss a HUGE hug and kissed Kai and hung out with US! (I
know her special nickname for Joss!!!!) I felt like freaking royalty!
After a bit, we headed out and as we parted company with Kai, I shook
her hand for like the 10th time and said that I loved the track of her
and Joss singing on the Buffy musical soundtrack. She was tickled pink!
She was like, Joss got all bossy about it, so I had to do it. She said
she wasn’t even a singer and I said *I am* and I was really impressed!
She blushed. It was so freaking cute!!!! She was so amazingly nice!
Then Clay and I went to talk to Chris Burnham, one of the writers, I
believe and thanked him and shook his hands. Clay wanted to see Nathan,
so oh yea twist my arm, let’s go see Nathan again! *giggles madly* We
couldn’t get to him. He had at LEAST 4 bodyguards around him. And I
didn’t ever get to see Sean Maher (who plays Simon Tam) or Jewel Staite
(who plays Kaylee). I heard after the fact that Jewel Staite had
bodyguards around her too, and was kind of petrified. Mindy thinks
maybe a rabid idiot fan threatened them or did something freaky. That
would fucking SUCK! SO, after that, I told Clay I had to get home. It
was just shy of 1 in the morning, and I had to go to work today. I hurt
all over, and my feet were just a mess of pain. But it was fucking
WORTH IT!!!! I had the best night EVER!!!!!

X-posted (please forgive the redunant stuff mentioned, I wrote this for my personal journal and most of my flist doesn't get the signal! ;) )
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