Asrimal (asrimal) wrote in fireflyfans,

My Serenity Experience.

Well, it's nesaccary to tell you that I broke my arm on the way to the theatre. I thought about going home and then to the hospital and then said that (peppered with mandarin swears) I am not missing this film. So I got there and there was a group of Browncoats, a very large group all in costume, several of which were from the UK (hinthint) and it was awesome. So while we were waiting for the theatre to open, I commented that their costumes were real shiny. Before the movie started, there was singing and general fun having. During the film it was silent except when we laughed, gasped or sobbed. We were all pleased, and before you ask, I'm fine, drugged and splinted, I'm fine. I'm a BDF, I guess.
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