Atomox (atomox) wrote in fireflyfans,

Good reviews for Serenity?!

Wow! I was just browsing over at Rotten Tomatoes, curious to see how the critics liked Serenity. Little prepared was I for what I found. They LOVED it! Not only did they Love it, but multiple critics compared it to Empire Strikes Back! They claimed it was fresh and original and a taste of something long missing from Hollywood these days! And they're right!

Now it goes without saying that being a Browncoat and seeing it for the third time last night, I absolutly love it (except for a few scenes I won't spoil). However, I never expected the critics to feel the same. On top of that, Rotten Tomatoes is generally harsh towards movies in general, and a score of 79% is AMAZING!

Now if we can just get the masses to acknowledge these reviews and get out to the theaters, perhaps we'll have more fresh produce for the box office in the future! My biggest fear is that come Monday it'll all be over. Let's not let that happen.
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