TechieCL (techiecl) wrote in fireflyfans,

Don't Stop The Signal: Last Minute Conversions

Here's a little tale I like to tell. Last Saturday I showed the 'pilot' to a friend of mine who long procrastinated in checking out Firefly. After that, I loaned him the DVD set. While he only managed to watch 10 episodes through the dvd set ended up converting his whole family. Their seeing "Serenity" tonight.

In the next weeks, if you can't talk'm into seein the flick, so them at least 1 episode. Maybe that will break down their resistance. But its worth it.

My friends' family will tell their friends and their friends...

So don't stop even though the BDM is out. Don't stop until the BDM is out of every theater in your state. Every dollar counts.
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