forkdisaster (forkdisaster) wrote in fireflyfans,

Quit yer snivelin', gorramit!

Okay, this is LJ, so asking people not to whine is a losing battle. But I'm seeing a lot of people completely de-railing the spirit of the Serenity and the Firefly 'verse due to dissatisfaction with the movie. I think it would be super keen (shiny if you will) if everyone would take a step back and remember one simple thing:

Every crew member and passenger of Serenity died.

In 2002, a broadcast company, who shall remain nameless, cancelled a series we're all keenly familiar with. At that time it killed all nine regular characters, sending them to that place where cancelled characters go. What they didn’t realize, though, is that in the Whedon world, very few good characters actually stay dead.

When you watch the movie, please keep in mind that what you're seeing is something that transcends all rationale. You should have never, by any stretch, been able to see these characters in a new story- on the big screen, small screen, or, due to copyright, paper. The fact that we were given another chance to fly with them, no matter what happens that you might disagree with, is a blessing.

So please... if you have issues with 'Serenity,' keep in mind that this movie was brought to you by forces from beyond the grave and that these forces will likely haunt you if you keep getting all emo about silly crap. The movie is for those of us who appreciate the hardships those involved had to endure to bring it to us.

And with that, I’m going to justify wasting space on your friends list by pimping something relevant to the Firefly 'verse (it's a good time, come check 'em out regardless of how you feel about the movie). Keep flyin.'
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