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Hello people,

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Lucy and I only very recently got into "Firefly", though it was one of those keep meaning to see things for a while. I think I've seen 10 of the episodes so far.

First one I watched was the breaking into alliance hospital one...I was unsure how I felt about it. Then I saw the pilot and I was totally addicted.

What a fucking amazing show. It really just makes me want to blow up Fox. And honestly, why didn't Sci-Fi pick it up or something? Four million viewers isn't that shabby, when you're not talking BIG networks.

So anyway, amazing show. I blows my mind to think of all the shit on TV that's been on for ages, and this great saga being booted and messed with just like that.

I saw "Serenity" today (and I brought a non-fan. The theater looked fairly full for an afternoon.) The way to describe it, funnily enough, is the so overused entertainment jargon, roller-coaster ride of emotions. I have seen few movies that effected me that much.

I had just grown to love these characters. As someone said about the show, how rare is it when you love ALL the characters?

So here's my run-down.Liked:
-All the Miranda stuff. I thought it was a fairly good explanation on how the Reavers came to be. And I'm glad that was actually explained. Great scary-looking planet. Extra points for bright lights daytime scary. I love those evil empires doing evil.
-The fact that after Book and Wash died, I felt like I couldn't depend on anyone surviving. And that in its self is great for a movie. And rare! The tension just about killed me. When Simon was shot, I thought that just might be it.
-Mal in general. I thought he was just about right. The mix that makes him such a great anti-hero/hero.
-Mal and Inara's ending. I thought that was totally satisfying in a GOOD unresolved sort of way.
-The flash-backs of Simon rescuing River. Very cool scene how he had to just stand there acting uncaring as his sister was tortured.
-Evil guy generally. A great sort of evil, polite, calm, even knowing that he does evil. I'm a sucker for those evil-doers for the greater good villians.
-Zoe's soldier-calm. Damn.
-Book's dying scene. Sniff. Loved Mal there.
-How the first heist went down.
-The River goes crazy bar scene.
-Mal and Inara and the fight scene with Evil Guy. Yay, Inara has some ass-kicking skills! She's no standing on the sidelines wringing her hands type, a la say, Princess Buttercup.
-Mal without a shirt...I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I don't mean to lust like a teenybopper. But the messed up hair and the shirtlessness. I approve.

Didn't like:
-How the Simon/Kaylee stuff was handled. I just sort of hate the "oh, my one regret is we didn't get it on" aspect. I mean, let's have a little romance, kids. Come on. After all the pining Kaylee did. And the River wandering around during the actual getting it on scene...Gross.
-The fact that Inara and Book had left the ship. It made me sad, is all. Stick together!
-Just the fact that it was all Sci-Fi, no Western. I loved the mixing in the series.
-As good as the action was, I would have liked more quiet. More character interaction.

Unsure of:
-Book and Wash's deaths. Book, I guess I can see as good. I mean he was a man of God, he'll be fine. And I almost like that we won't know his secret. I like my wonderings, I guess. I loved Wash with his dinosaurs and banter. What a fucking random and sudden death that totally tore me up (there were tears in my eyes, which has happened with about two other movies in my life...)But it also lead to some amazing tension. Again, I think the fact that you had no idea if anyone was going to make it was fantastic. I just knew if they all died, or if Mal, Zoe or Kaylee dies I would have been so ticked off. Simon too. But why people I was fond of?
-Too much was wrapped up. It's like how I felt at the ending of the series "Cowboy Bebop"... In both cases I loved these characters, and their dynamic...Nothing will be the same now in their lives. It actually hurts me, which is a testiment to things being well done.
-The Evil Guy just up and decided to call of the Alliance. I just don't know.
-River, mostly loved her. Really not sure about her ass kicking. Her at the very end with Mal was great. And crying to Simon while handcuffed. Not that I don't want her to find peace, but I would feel unsatisfied if the Miranda stuff was all that was haunting her.

Overall, quite good, some fantastic parts. But not nearly as good as "Firefly." I do wish things could have progressed naturally and mysteries could have been solved without cramming it all into a movie. But I am really glad that everyone got a second chance.

I know what I want for Christmas...Mmm. EVERYTING related to this saga.

Questions, does the "Firefly" DVD have worthy extras? And how are the comics?
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