The Irrespressible P.F. Montgomery (capnpol) wrote in fireflyfans,
The Irrespressible P.F. Montgomery

New Lease

New Lease

I don't know if this has been discussed in this manner before, but I thought I'd start a thread for ideas about the future of the franchise.

  • If you had your say, how would the Firefly universe continue? TV series, mini-series, TV movies, more features?
  • What is it called?
  • Do you have any ideas regarding the types of stories or situations to be covered?
  • Should it end here?
  • Any suggestions on how to explain any of the unanswered questions?

    Personally, I'd kill to write a spec script for a second TV series. That's like a dream job come true.

    Strictly hypothetical. Think of it as a wish list.

    Ok. I'm going to presume that this post will become heavily SPOILER-LADEN. (mwahahahaha...HA!) So tread gently.
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