koinu (stray_dog_strut) wrote in fireflyfans,

Browncoat's bracelet

Ok, so I lied; you don't have to wait until Tuesday. I don't like the letters quite as much as the "Westerny" ones I used on the belt, but the small Westerny set was too big for a bracelet.

Also, they're too small to paint in, but they're really deep, so it's ok.

Edit: Wow, you guys liked the bracelet!
Ok, so I've tallied up the costs for those who are interested (these include S&H):

$35 - Bracelets
$75 - Belts

If any of you are still interested, my e-mail address (stray.dog.strut at comcast dot net for those who don't want to go looking ^^;) is in my info.

Also, since there's been so much interest, and since I'm kinda free for the next week or so, I've decided I'll offer custom bracelets and/or belts, for the same price, to anyone who's interested. Just..keep the belts to 20 letters, and the bracelets to about ten (including spaces).

x_n I haven't I gotten this many comments on a post since I posted my leather Wolf's Rain purse in the WR community.
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