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I really felt like I needed a couple days after first seeing it to get my real opinion on it, and that was so true. I woke up the day after the midnight showing with "YOU MUST SEE IT AGAIN!" repeating in my head. Kinda creepy. So I saw it again yesterday and I plan on seeing it today. Hopefully.

Little things I loved:

- The entrance of Serenity, and seeing Mal on the bridge. The music and tone of that scene is perfect. It just screamed "Yeah... here I am. Welcome back on board everyone!" It made the people in my theatre cheer like crazy the first time.

- That fact that it started off with a Reaver attack. That whole sequence was completely awesome. I remember about a year and a half ago (probably way longer actually, I think Buffy had just ended) hearing that in the script Joss was potentially working on there was going to be a scene were Mal shot a mother and a baby so they wouldn't be taken by Reavers. I still think that would've been cool, but I understand why he changed it.

- Mr. Universe! I'm starting to think Joss has a love bot of his own... Plus:"He killed me Mal... He killed me with a sword! "

- Kaylee saying that it had been more'n a year since she had anything twixt her nethers that didn't run on batteries!

- Mal getting the Reavers to fight the alliance. Everyone cheered. You're so tricky Cap'n...

- Books entrance! Again, the music was perfect. Book always makes me laugh because he's so the character who would die first, and I normally don't care about him very much... But that was so well shot that I wanted to give him a big hug and laugh with him.

- Mal being all nice to Book! Even though it just let the people who hadn't already guessed it realize that he was going to die. I loved their whole discussion by the campfire. It's always been about Mal believing in something. Ever since the pilot.

- The moments of complete silence during the main titles and before River goes all weapon-y in the bar.

- "You can't tell me what to do. I'm not a part of your crew.." "... Yes you are."

- Simon getting shot. I was so scared the first time. Even though I knew only Book and Wash were going to die. I suddenly started thinking that Joss played an epic trick on us and we all fell (ha! at first I wrote feel) for it. I'm convinced that Simon is so going to die in one of the later films though. Or Kaylee. My first bet was Kaylee because she's so sweet and innocent and everything, but no... it's going to be Simon. Just because I love him and Joss wants me in pain.

- Rivers turn. That freaked me the hell out because I had a dream that would happen. Like six months ago. And I had never read spoilers about that part! But the shot where she was taken by the Reavers as the door closed, that shot was in my dream. And everyone thinking she was dead but then having the door open and her being all I KEELED THEM! I dreamed that too. Weird.

- The sequence where they were fixing Serenity at the end. This sounds really stupid... but when I saw that it reminded me of that moment where you are editing a music video and suddenly something just works. It works perfectly. The tone of the song, the internal motion of the video... They both accent each other in exactly the right way to get the emotion needed from the shot. How wonderful.

The things that bothered me during the first viewing didn't bother me at all during the second. Well, actually wait. One thing did. A little. River seemed so lucid when Simon rescued her in the opening. It seems strange for her to be all calm and lucid and not-crazy when during the first few episodes of the series she could barely talk properly she was so traumatized. I suppose that can be explained away by a lot of little theories that kinda sorta work, but it still doesn't sit right with me.

Speaking of, it definitely needed more Simon... *nudges sequel to get a move on*

People have mentioned that the Operative saying "There are a lot of innocent people being killed right now." before he fought Mal at the end was out character. But I disagree, the first time I saw it I didn't even think he was talking about his own men. I didn't get the YOU KILLED MY FATHER NOW DIE vibe from him at all. I thought he was talking about Mal's people. Granted he didn't know Wash had been killed, but he had to assume Mals crew was going to be dead if they weren't already. I assume it was just the Operatives way of taking a jab at him. Besides, we didn't know the Operative well enough to understand what's out of character for him.

Have you realized that if Joss continues to kill two people every movie then there will only be two people alive at the end of the third. Hee! Everyone's going to die...

I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say about it when I see it again. I know there's so much I've forgotten.

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