TechieCL (techiecl) wrote in fireflyfans,

Heading off despair

To counter the inevitable posts bemoaning of box office grosses not hitting the projections...

The battle ain't over until the DVD of Serenity hits the shelves. This is just the opening round. Every day
that Serenity is in theaters should be seen as a victory. Remember, NONE of this was supposed to happen. We
weren't supposed to get trading cards, comics, soundtracks, visual companion books, novelizations, action figures...none of it. Everyday that passes is a sign that we won.

But the fight for Serenity sequals is only over in the months following the inevitable DVD release of "Serenity". Hell even in that dead time after the wide release of Serenity and its dvd, their will be discount and dollar theaters that show it...

...and even if we dont' get 2 sequals to Serenity...we still done the impossible, we still brought the joy of our little show to so many people who wouldn't have known if it weren't for us. We changed the landscape of pop culture and DVD marketing/economics...

Its still something to be proud off; it shouldn't be something we should allow to be clouded over in despair.

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