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Serenity: My In-Depth Commentary

I have finally posted my in-depth review of "Serenity". It's fairly long, as one would expect. I cover a number of topics, most importantly, how "Serenity" follows up on a number of character and plot arcs from "Firefly", why a number of plot elements are not contradictory or out of the blue, some commentary on negative fan response and rebuttals, and finally, some speculation about where the story could be going.

For fun, the beginning of the review is actually a comparison of what I predicted/hoped would be in the film when I wrote my last DVD review for "Objects in Space", several weeks before the press screening where I first saw the film, based solely on the open character/plot threads that I felt were most obvious in the series. Before that, I was spoiler-free (not counting the trailers), so I was basing those earlier comments on the series itself, not advance knowledge. In fact, this forms the majority of my argument that "Serenity" is completely in keeping with the spirit and direction of "Firefly".

Here's the link to my final review:

Oh, and lest anyone think that I'm ignoring anything negative, I do point out some of the things I didn't like or thought could have been done better. It didn't affect my enjoyment of the film, but I wouldn't want to lose my objectivity completely!
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