Wheatheart (wheatheart) wrote in fireflyfans,

"Firefly" Desktop Themes


I am generally known on "the boards" as BlueHoot. I have been a fan since the beginning. One of my contributions to the fandom was creating/compiling the origonal "Firefly" desktop themes (aka FF:DT). These themes were for windows. (sorry to those with another OS)

I was quite proud of this contribution (and frankly, the fact that I was the only one to do this publically...and I'd like to still be the one, enough of the pride tangent, hee!) but sadly FF:DT had to be taken down from distribution as I was having some hosting issues. Then computer death and thus losing them altogether. Kind Browncoats were able to send me most of the themes after a plea for help.

Though I am still looking for somewhere semi-permanent to house them (hosting anyone?) I am re-working the themes...well mostly the wallpapers.

I am considering requests.

Remember, this is a slow process as I work a lot, plus I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I realized the old ones sucked and its time for new ones (which still might suck).

So, lets have your requests. Please, no "Serenity" movie requests yet as that will have to wait until the DVD comes out.
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